Target’s TV spot for the Grammy Awards

Rear Projection set-up for a Grammys video 

During the 2018 Grammys, Target debuted a star-studded TV spot featuring singer Maren Morris and DJ  Zedd with their new single, ‘Meet me in the Middle’. The video featured 400 extras and was directed by Dave Meyers who has worked with a slew of the biggest pop stars in the industry. Go2 was called in to provide the technical solution for the opening elevator scene with Morris.

Target’s TV spot for the Grammy Awards

The Results

Our rear projection set up made the elevator scene look flawless and helped set the tone for the rest of the video. The Grammys were the perfect night to spotlight the new video for fans and the spot will live on as the official music video for the song.

If you require ‘caught in camera’ live effects for TV or film, we can provide the technical and creative solution to make that happen with projection mapping.

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