Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Creative Process for the Pharma Industry

As a top animation studio, we are constantly adapting our skills and workflow to keep up with new creative trends. Within the pharmaceutical industry, there are several specialized creative agencies that manage the pharmaceutical regulatory approval and compliance process for any products being advertised or creatively communicated. Go2 Productions has, after working with several agencies in the pharma and biotech field, grown our internal creative processes so that they align faster and more successfully with the pharmaceutical industry’s needs.

The Process

We look at several factors when first reviewing a new concept. The first factor is complexity and resolution. Within this industry, data and information will go through several regulatory reviews, changing more often than usual. Because there are consistent regulatory reviews from pre-production to post-production and because data can quickly change in this industry, we have to strategically build our shots so that we can quickly revise and more importantly, efficiently re-render.

Storyboarding is a longer process when working with multiple regulatory reviews. Although we do have additional approval stages in the storyboarding aspect of the process, we guide the process to transfer into our animatic stage after three or four passes of the boards being completed. Even if text and information change, building the boards into 3D hardware renders allows us to make flexible changes and also allows our animators to prepare for animation while regulatory or legal reviews are still happening. A hardware render is an early stage, base-level build of the scenes. No animation, textures, lighting, or color is included in the hardware render, but it allows us to block out each shot in 3D (as per the storyboard), timed to music with efficient render timelines.

Once the majority of our data and information has been approved, we move into the animation process. While working alongside an agency, our creative team can prepare animation tests of any major scene to get early feedback before moving too far along into the animation process.

We are hyper-aware of how certain animation movements or transitions can have a negative or positive meaning. There is a sensitivity applied to any creative solution, especially within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. What this requires is our team to be fast learners and great listeners when working with sensitive and more complicated pharma data.

The success of these types of projects requires a structured internal creative process, the ability to have quick turnarounds, multiple reviews and optimized render solutions for any creative concept within this industry. Contact us for more information on how we can help creatively and technically execute on your next pharmaceutical event.

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