Mars Fun Factory

Fun and Games for Chocolate Lovers

Our client, Carrefour on behalf of Mars Wrigley, asked us to come up with some innovative and fun ways to display information and products in their brand new Dubai Fun Factory whilst also getting visitors excited by creating engaging interactive experiences. We created four unique installations and our technical team travelled to Dubai to install all of the technology and help oversee the grand opening.

The results

For a unique way to showcase the clients’ messaging, we used flip-dot displays. With the flip dot display, one letter or word appears at a time, catching the shopper’s attention by the movement of these dots. The flip-dot displays were installed onto ‘the brain’ of the factory to help bring occasions to life, so visitors could read daily or monthly messages such as ‘Ramadan is sweeter with chocolate’ and ‘Happy World Chocolate Day’. We also displayed a daily factory status, which showed how many products had been produced each day.

Next, we created a simulated dual X-Ray animation, that was played on a video screen built into a panel along the pipes on the ceiling of the factory. This gave the visitor the illusion that they were looking through an x-ray scanner and could see a number of Mars/Wrigley products, such as sweets and chocolates travelling down tubes in the factory.

To help promote new lines of products and attract new shoppers to the isles, we also created a number of 3D animations of different Mars products, such as M&Ms and chocolate bars, and placed those into a Holobox.  The Holobox gave the animation a holographic effect – as if the chocolates were floating and rotating in the air.

Finally, we projected a few different games onto the ground of the aisles of the store, so shoppers could stop and have a fun 2-minute break playing them. The client asked us to use their product branding on a number of floor projection games such as a Balloon Pop, Soccer and a Ball Pit and we were able to incorporate those seamlessly into the games.

The grand opening was a huge success and the client and shoppers were thrilled with the overall production and creativity from Team Go2, stating that our technical solution was one of the best quality installations that they had ever seen. Contact us to learn how we can make your space/event more engaging for attendees.

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