United Way

Exhibiting local love through a touch of a button

Go2 Productions developed an interactive map to be utilized on two 55 inch touch screens for a United Way event celebrating their community-driven achievements around the Lower Mainland. The aim was to develop a 3D map that would organize the various activations around the lower mainland, providing information and data, goals reached, re-cap videos and photographs for each activation.

The Results

The interactive map gave attendees an opportunity to interact and learn about all of United Way’s local initiatives and it would also give the attendees an option to drop a “love pin” on the community that they are from. Our team developed a custom-built experience through touch designer and customized 2D and 3D assets for the built map and platform.

The outcome produced a mixed 3D/2D dynamic learning platform that organized all of United Way’s local initiative success. Furthermore, we were able to collect data on how many people interacted with the platform, and through the “love pins” dropped, we were able to collect which community they were from as well.

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