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Novarca helps institutional investors understand and reduce the costs of all their investments, both visible and hidden. The company tackles the problem of lack of cost transparency that leads to high investing costs and helps their clients negotiate best-in-class fee structures.

Novarca came to us wanting an explainer video that could live on their homepage and be the first thing visitors saw on their site. The two-minute video would have to explain in very clear terms what it was that the company did and how their service would benefit viewers.


The Results

After hearing the brief and talking to the client, we chose to go with a motion graphics explainer video that introduced, explained and promoted the company all at once. Novarca can share this video on social media as often as they want and also use it offline presentations. Explainer videos are a great tool to use to get yourself noticed and stand out among competitors. And when tagged correctly, videos will give your site a higher ranking on Google – and who doesn’t want that!

If you’re ready to increase your company’s visibility, engage your audience and increase your conversation rate, contact us and we’ll help you get the promotion you need.

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