Making a big splash with projection mapping

Big bold 3D surface mapping made the content development for this one fun to play with. Working with the blocky design of the building architecture and notable film strip pattern down the centre, we created a huge illusion of depth in the animation that looked incredible from the newly launched Hilfiger flagship store in West Hollywood.


The Challenge

We were tasked with taking existing HD video content, in this case a finished TVC90, and turning it in to 2 minutes of engaging projection mapping content, that made full use of the buildings unique architecture.

The Result

We designed and built the whole animation in a way that reflected the irreverence and playfulness of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Having the buildings architecture break up and spin as huge blocks, whilst the video appeared to be textured on one face of the blocks allowed us to create some amazing transitions all synchronized with the brands energetic sound track accompanying the video. Additional 3D models were created and animated throughout the sequence to tie in with the video content.

Go2 has been successfully producing high impact projection mapping content for surface mapping & big brand events for many years and are established leaders in the field of high impact content creation.

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