Recon Jet

High Impact TV Commercial Production – Recon Jet – The Ultimate Triathlon Device.

Working with Go2′s video production services in Vancouver, is an extremely professional experience with guaranteed results.  With an extremely tight timeline and an Iron Man event fast approaching, Go2 stepped in to help conceive, produce and pull it all together, on time and on budget.

For high concept TV commercials of this nature we prefer to film using the RED Epic, to ensure we get the resolution and flexibility we need to work with during the post production stages. This particular commercial concept required us to shoot at 240 frames per second, to achieve the ultra slow motion scenes that hit hard as the dub step bass lines kick in.

Recon Jet

The Challenge

One of the challenges was how to effectively show what the wearer actually sees when wearing the JET. It’s like seeing a transparent screen a few feet in front of you, just below your line of sight.

The Result

Our Director, Creative Director and Camera Crew filmed the whole commercial one day in September. A crazy time to shoot in Vancouver as you will see in the commercial. We experienced close to all four seasons in one day, from overcast moody sky to torrential downpours and even wind and hail right through to glorious sunshine and blue sky. The only thing we didn’t have was snow!

Producing a cutting edge TV commercial that has as much impact as this one, requires a solid team from preproduction all the way through to post production. A team that works together perfectly.

Go2’s award winning team conceived, planned, shot and produced this whole spot for Recon’s new wearable tech – Recon JET. The TV commercial was conceived and produced specifically to air as a national TV spot during the Iron Man competition on NBC.

The spot aired on NBC during the Iron Man competition to 1.8 million viewers and gained over 100,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo in just four weeks.


Tom Fowler, Head of Marketing and Sales, Recon Instruments

First watch the Telly Award winning tv commercial above, then check out this testimonial video to hear from Recon Instruments’ – Tom Fowler, how we overcame the technical challenges to produce the spot.

Recon Jet
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