Permanent Projection Mapping Installations

Permanent Projection Mapping Installations

Permanent LED lighting installations on new buildings and even upgrades of existing buildings are already very popular and can look dynamic and stunning. Permanent projection mapping installations are now also becoming very popular. Besides being far more engaging, a projection mapping installation gives you the added ability to have updated content on a regular basis and can be used for seasonal and promotional uses.

Permanent Projection Mapping Installations

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and build a freestanding projector housing that was robust enough for extreme weather, allowed for easy access to maintain the technology and was high enough to prevent any shadowing. We decided to build a custom Mod Truss system, that allowed us to created the perfect structure, very stable and very secure.

For Wind Creek Casino, we created multiple animation sequences that showed things like; changing wall textures, electronic bingo jackpot wins, huge tunnel illusions, opening blocks with butterflies and animated growing vines, glowing tracer lines and much more. All with bright attractive colours that mimic’s the casino’s interior.

The Result

The result is a massive screen like projection experience that covers the entire exterior wall of the casino. As guests enter the car parking area, the first thing they see from a distance upon their approach, is the huge projection surface – illuminated with bright colours and animated illusions. It’s an amazing first impression to give guests.

As with all our projection mapping projects, the massive casino wall was replicated to scale at Go2’s studio during development to ensure each animation we created worked as well as expected when it was deployed on site.

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