Heroes Reborn Finale

Caught in camera visual effects for TV and film using projection mapping

“I’m ready to save the world.”

Thursday, January 21st, 2016. Fans of the TV show Heroes Reborn tuned into NBC for the series finale which did not disappoint. Twitter was buzzing with rave reviews regarding the way it all came to a close and Go2 Productions is proud to have been a part of the finale.

Our team of amazing artists and onsite projection mapping crew worked with the Heroes Reborn production team to create the surreal scene for Tommy’s dream sequence.

The Challenge

The show’s director, Jonathan Jones, wanted all visual effects for this scene to be caught ‘in camera’ as they filmed on set. Go2 worked collaboratively with the show’s art department to design and build an array of Japanese Shoji Screens that would be used as the projection surface. We tested many different materials and eventually settled on a special high gain rear projection material, designed to increase saturation and contrast for the cameras.

We decided on rear projection as the set was too large to use any existing LCD backlit display and using a matrix of smaller displays would reveal the mullions. Front projection would not work because of set lighting and camera angle issues.

We used 3x RLM-W14 projectors with 1.6:1 lenses fed by a media server. The system was synced to the studio camera to match the frame rate to ensure a clean sharp image.

The Results

Our team’s beautiful 2D and 3D-animated sequence was rear projected on set, creating a spectacularly dream-like sequence intended to be a huge moment of realisation for Tommy in the finale plot, resulting in the line; “I’m ready to save the world.”

If you require ‘caught in camera’ visual effects for TV or film, then projection mapping could certainly be the answer.

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