Immersive Walkthrough Experiences

When it comes to indoor activations and exhibits, our team has been making use of gesture detection, proximity-based devices and directional sound so that visitors can have safe, interactive experiences without literal touchpoints.


Immersive Walkthrough Experiences

Fully immersive experiences – complete with lights, sound, textures, and digital tricks – is a thrilling way to enjoy modern creativity. Our multi-sensory art installations and walkthrough experiences that put the observer at the center of the action are capturing people’s attention.

At Go2, we’ve had huge success with our first walkthrough experience in Vancouver, BC. Shattered: A Wicked Walkthrough Experience ran for three weeks in October 2020. Attendees made their way through the Beaumont studio’s labyrinth hallways and staircases that featured hundreds of lights, lasers, optical delusions and mind-bending tricks using projection mapping and interactive touchless technology.
Shattered had stringent COVID protocols including a mask requirement, hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed and staggered entry.

The exhibit garnered rave reviews, had over 6,500 attendees and saw 140k in ticket sales.


MIRAGE at Metrotown is another example of a 360 degree immersive audio-visual experience. Attendees entered (one at a time, or with their group) a large room with a walkway in the middle. The projected content took visitors on a journey of colourful 3D illusions and expansive transformations. The mirrored floor and ceiling created an all-encompassing infinity effect that greatly amplified the visual experience.

The art installation was open for 7 weeks and had over 1000 people going through it each day.

Immersive Walkthrough Experiences Featured Work

shattered - Go2Productions

Shattered at the Beaumont

Shattered raises the spectre of Halloween fun with a multitude of lights, lasers, 3D installations and soundscapes, as well as cutting-edge electronic illusions.

Immersive Environments – MIRAGE

MetMirage is a mind blowing 360º immersive audio visual experience. Just like Doctor Who’s TARDIS… It’s bigger on the inside!

Wings and Wizards

Wings and Wizards is an interactive walkthrough experience that will enchant and delight the whole family.

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