Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Show - An image of virtual trade show experience - Go2 Productions

Re-imagine the trade show experience

With the events industry on a temporary hold, industries are looking for a way to be able to engage with potential new customers as well as encourage new lead generation. Virtual Trade Shows are becoming one of the more popular ways for companies to showcase their products and communicate their message quickly and effectively.

A virtual trade show is a customized and branded 3D build of your company’s trade show booth/s, placed across a virtual environment where visitors can freely explore the surroundings and can stop at booths to further engage and learn about products. Virtual trade show booths can be built upon an existing design or a newly customized one. These environments re-create the feel of a physical event and there is a  wide range of customization options at a lower cost. Interactive and informative tools can be included to allow real-time communication and information sharing.

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade show booths allow you to amplify creative strategies for attendee engagement, give you an opportunity to include product demos, videos, 3D animated branded content for virtual LED walls and holographic displays, downloadable content, and digital brochures including clickable/interactive displays. With proper planning, content generation for your virtual trade show booth can then be used for future physical trade shows and/or digital website content.

Creating your virtual trade show booth will bring together a wide array of unique and innovative methods to connect with prospects, increase your global audience and help generate valuable leads for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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