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Whether it’s an iconic building development, an airport or a large retail center, visitors at these venues expect to engage with brands and the spaces themselves in unique ways. LED video wall displays are at the forefront of transforming environments into immersive experiences through digital storytelling and art.


  • Museums/Art galleries: Create lasting impressions with interactive content that adds to the immersive experience
  • Retail: Invite guests to fully interact with your brand with an integrated multimedia experience in store with a beautiful LED video display
  • Malls: Bring a ‘wow’ factor to an open space with unique backdrops and focal points that allow visitors to be engaged with their surroundings
  • Sports stadiums: Bring spectators closer to the action with striking visuals, live-action and immersive content
  • Transportation/tourism: Introduce a sense of community and culture to a terminal, connect people to the information they need in visually pleasing ways and turn their dull wait into an interesting part of the journey
  • Corporate offices/buildings: Impressive video walls can communicate messages, attract the best talent and highlighting your organization’s commitment to using leading-edge technologies

As LED tile technology advances, it becomes more cost-effective and opens up a myriad of solutions and opportunities for companies to embrace digital signage as a new way of activating public spaces.

Along with using this technology comes the conceptualization and design of content to bring fresh energy, attract new audiences and create eye-catching focal points. Go2 Productions specializes in custom content creation for all sizes of LED video walls/surfaces. From designing breath-taking abstract digital sculptures to photo-realistic 3D environments, our team can transform your lobby, museum or area into a destination unto itself.

Making information beautiful is an art form we excel at. To take your digital display or video wall to the next level, real-time data visualization allows customized assets to be animated by a variety of pulled data sources, creating a real-time immersive experience for your environment.

We believe that this intersection of art + tech has the power to connect people, deliver a message in a bold, unique way and add awe and delight to their world. We’re happy to work with you to design your next mesmerizing guest experience. Contact us today.

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