Audio Visual Content for Conferences

We specialize in creating large-format visuals for events, conferences, award shows, AGM’s and brand launches.

These visuals often span across 100ft to 200ft wide projection screens and are many times higher resolution than traditional HD. Working at this ultra high resolution requires serious computing power, and we have the machines to do it, including our own fully loaded render farm inhouse.

Our award-winning creative team have produced so many successful events and conferences that we have it down to a science and can create a show flow package that transforms your event into a high impact, memorable and extremely professional experience. From sponsor screens to speaker intros the entire set of visuals are consistently branded throughout with stunningly designed 3D motion graphics.

The Package

Our content packages are built based upon your needs and show flow of your event. From Project Management and Creative Direction to producing conceptualized designs, dynamic openers, closers, thematic session openers, titles animations and logo animations, we ensure that your event is full of captivating and memorable content, keeping your audience engaged from the start to finish.

Audio Visual Content for Conferences

Our high impact opening sequences command attention with powerful custom music scores and Hollywood style sound effects that immerse your audience in style. Our broad knowledge of media servers and projection technology means we always know which video format will work best for your event’s AV set up, meaning smooth video playback throughout your show.

Contact Go2 to find out more. Give your next event the attention it needs, so your guests give you the attention you deserve.

Event Management - Use of custom music scores and Hollywood style sound effects for videos - Go2 Productions

Audio Visual Content for Conferences Featured Work

Isuzu Launch Event

A fully branded screen wide animation package for a mega launch in Texas.

Dewalt Product Reveal

Creating a projection mapping experience for a high-tech job site.

Canadian Labor Congress

Our award-winning team specialises in creating large format visuals for events, AGM’s and brand launches.

Westjet projection mapping


A World-class Projection Mapping Reveal for WestJet’s new Dreamliner series.

BCIT 50th Anniversary

Using BCIT’s hanger doors to create a 200ft wide x 33ft high custom projection surface – #BCIT50

Genie Lift Anniversary

An edgy underground circus with aerialists performing to synchronised projected content.

Genie Lift

A 10- storey building is used as a backdrop to launch Genie’s 6 new vehicles at TRS2015.

BIV: Forty Under 40 Event

A dynamic and engaging opening sequence for BIV’s awards gala.

BIV Award Shows

Talk to Go2 and make your event more interesting than the chicken dinner staring back at you.

ILEA Distill Gala - Go2Productions

ILEA Distill Gala

A high-impact opening sequence for a memorable awards gala.

Vancouver Event Industru Holiday party - Go2Productions

Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party 2017

Larger-than-life projection mapping content for a magical evening.

Rimex Interactive Booth Experience

An interactive application for trade shows and conferences that engages visitors and easily captures their data.

Award Show Opener

There’s no shortage of mesmerizing effects in our ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed opening video for the ILEA Live Esprit Awards.

Simon Fraser University

Why project onto a screen when a perfectly ordinary wall will do. See the transformation.

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