Projecting Magic for Dell

Over the years we’ve projection mapped many things, from mannequins to mansions, cars to castles and even Olympic-sized buildings and sports arenas. For the latest series of Dell commercials – Magic, GE, Chitale Dairy and Columbia Sportswear – we pushed the limits during 6 days on set to project content onto massive scrims, a jet engine, a boat, a snowboarder and even a real live cow named ‘Molly’.


The Project

The biggest challenge was working with a very tight daily schedule with numerous shots to capture each day. We needed to adapt to the director’s requests quickly between set changes, moving projectors around the set and sometimes even calculating new lensing calculations on the fly. Projectors needed to be elevated up on scissor lifts to get over cameras and lighting rigs swiftly, and to ensure we had surface coverage, and we had to focus as fast as possible on each surface as it changed position from shot to shot.

In total, a dozen projectors and a wide range of optical lenses were used to support a multitude of projection surfaces.  Four 30,000 lumen projectors with ultra-short throw lenses and some creative warping allowed us to cover the rear 96’ wide x 40’ high surface. Our team also used two additional 30,000 lumen projectors to cover another large 80’ wide x 40’ tall downstage sharkstooth scrim.

To cover each of the smaller surfaces such as the jet engine, cow, hospital room, snowboarder, rock climber and fisherman, our team installed several compact and lightweight 10,000 and 20,000 lumen projectors, some of which had to be continuously moved based on camera positions. The results are truly magical.

View the other commercials here:


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Huge Interactive Penalty Shoot Out Game

For MLS2017, Go2 was asked to create a soccer-based experience that would attract a crowd both throughout the daytime and also retain interest throughout the evening. Initially, the team from Wasserman approached us based on our projection mapping expertise, but typically PM only works on buildings in the evening when it’s dark. So how could we make a projection mapping experience extend throughout the day? The solution turned out to be an innovative use of LED tiles and a little bit of creative R&D. This activation fits perfectly with Go2’s ENGAGE | ENTERTAIN | CREATE BUZZ formula.


The Challenge

The first challenge for us was to design a projection mapped experience that could be somehow extended throughout the day. With the whole event being based around soccer it seemed natural to create something revolving around goal scoring. The client was TARGET, so we started brainstorming ways we could fully integrate the brand into the experience, instead of simply wrapping the brand colours over something. 

Out of the brainstorming session came one lead idea that sounded amazing but also presented our second big challenge. “Could we really set this up in a way that allowed members of the general public to kick a professional soccer ball directly at $200,000 worth of LED wall, with moving TARGET logos?”. The idea was a big hit with the client when we pitched the concept, so that’s when we started an in-depth R&D session to see if we could make it work. 

Initially, the first designs meant the LED wall would be around 10ft behind the goal mouth, behind the netting of a full-sized goal, which completely blew the illusion and felt pointless. 

Our next iteration meant building the goal posts into the LED wall truss design for stability, which left the goal mouth just 2ft in front of the LED wall – a much more realistic feel to the experience. The final challenge was to design a way to secure the goal netting onto the mouth of the goal, in a way that could stop a professional soccer ball being kicked at full force before it reached the LED wall. As you can see from the video, we managed to overcome all challenges and the whole activation was packed solid all day long, with children and adults of all ages taking part in the challenge.

The Results

The interactive soccer game had a constant line up of guests ready to take part, with a permanent crowd of people around the activation cheering on each participant. Once night fell, we selected one of the top players to take part in a special Light It Up ceremony, where they kicked the ball at a special target that triggered the 23-storey projection mapped experience on the iconic Tribune Tower. From that point on, every shot that was taken on the ground translated into a projection mapped HIT or MISS animation on the building, all consistent with the TARGET brand.

From the Target Creative Studio website:

Despite no pre-promotion as a result of City of Chicago regulations on this activation space, the event garnered the following results:

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Using Art and Light to Inspire Change

Façade Festival is an immersive, large-scale artistic experience, organised by the Burrard Arts Foundation, that is loved by thousands of attendees in Vancouver, BC. Now in its fourth year, this monumental public art project and cultural event took place from sunset to midnight each evening from September 8th to 14th, 2019 on the façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

A selection of BC contemporary artists, both established and early-career, were commissioned to create ten stunning, site-specific works of art using projection mapping. Our team helped the artists to tailor their work specifically for the Art Gallery’s iconic architecture with several mentoring sessions in our studio.

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Go2's Finale Presentation

For our special finale presentation piece at Facade Festival, we were inspired as a team by the amazing work done by Plastic Oceans in raising awareness about plastic pollution to inspire behavioural change.

Our original piece, Ocean Ghosts, speaks to the devastation caused by plastic on marine wildlife. As plastic bags envelop the art gallery, smother it and ultimately turn our beautiful ocean mammals into plastic ghosts, we hoped to inspire the audience to reduce single-use plastics and make small changes towards a zero-waste lifestyle. We leave the audience with one, impactful change they can make today: ‘Think reusable, not disposable. Rethink plastic.’

By using art and projection mapping as a cinematic storytelling experience, the messages we convey can have a huge impact, and we are always happy to champion environmental and art campaigns. Contact us today if you have a passion project that you’d like to express in a unique way through visual art.

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Our latest work, in under 2 minutes

We’ve been busy. From interactive installations and experiential activations to large scale projection mapping on buildings, airplanes and even animals, we’ve been focused on creatively using technology to design unforgettable experiences. And to give you a quick idea about some of these projects, we’ve put together a 90-second demo reel of some of our best work. We hope you enjoy it.

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Elevating the Genie brand to new heights at #TRS2015

10 Storey High Projection Mapping

The Production Network, Genie’s event producers, turned to industry leader Go2 Productions to create a 3d animated outdoor projection show against the monolithic architecture of the Boeing Pavilion at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Go2’s award winning team designed, produced and installed a 10-storey projection mapping experience without a single hitch, resulting in a legacy video that successfully documents the entire event from set up through to activation. The legacy video is a powerful marketing tool that lives on far beyond the original event.


The Challenge

Genie Industries wanted something that would not only wow their customers at the American Rental Association Show, but something special that would knock the socks off the competition, and serve as a long living marketing piece.  We delivered!

The Results

Go2 worked with TPN lighting designers to literally turn the museum Genie Blue and put on a show to rival a rock concert.

Genie’s marketing team was literally speechless with the results. Not only were their attendees blown away, but Genie has a resulting marketing piece with a long lifespan, and a great return on investment and a true home run for all involved!

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A Dream-like Projection Mapping Experience

WestJet employees and members of the media gathered at the  WestJet headquarters in Calgary for a very special occasion. They were about to witness the new WestJet 787 Dreamliner plane and logo for the very first time – through a spectacular projection mapping experience.

WestJet came to Go2 looking for us to provide a turnkey solution for an event taking place after the AGM at the WestJet Campus. The focus of this event was to launch a new livery design onto their newly acquired 787 Dreamliner planes. Additionally, WestJet was announcing some big news – the planes featured, for the first time, a Business Class and newly redesigned modern cabin. This meant a new level of comfort and a brand new experience for WestJet customers and crew, as well as new routes that would be announced later in the year. Because the planes were not ready yet, WestJet was looking for a unique solution to be able to showcase this announcement at the AGM in May 2018 and to get the public and their staff excited for the new Dreamliners.


The Challenge

WestJet was interested in projection mapping the hanger doors,  to give the illusion that the plane was actually present. We teamed up with Freeman Audio Visual to execute on the technical audio-visual setup and to help add additional lighting/show elements to complement the projected animation.  Go2 focused on creating the content for an experience that would allow us to explore the inside of the plane, and reveal the new livery design. WestJet wanted to communicate to the staff attending the event, where their inspiration was stemmed from and how that translated into the new sleek cabin and livery design. In addition to the show animation, our team created four brand story animations, which focused on: Stitching/Textiles, Architecture, Shapes and Color.

The hangar doors themselves are built with four large panel doors, all on different levels, which allows the hangar to open and close. Because the full surface was on different plains, we had to add a projector for each individual panel to avoid any edge blend issues on site.

The event also took place at midday – and the hangar doors had several windows along with several larger windows at the back of the hangar. The back windows had to be fully blacked out, and the hangar door windows had to be double layered with block out vinyl. And although we were able to get some 3D elements from the interior cabin, we had to build each class/cabin out from scratch utilizing supplied 3D elements.

The Result

Over 1000 people including WestJet employees and the media attended the reveal and the event was live streamed on Facebook as well. Our team delivered an exciting 3-minute show animation, 4 brand story animation, as well as a logo animation/reveal that had the crowd erupt in a chorus of applause and excitement at the end.

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“No matter how far you dare to dream… It all starts here”

Fall 2015, Go2 Productions was elated to handle the event production and content design for BCIT’s 50th anniversary celebration incorporating a huge projection mapping experience that spanned the entire width of the hanger doors. 

A massive 65′ wide x 33′ high custom projection screen was designed and installed as a central projection surface covering the two middle doors, while additional projectors were placed to cover the remaining 4 hanger doors, making a massive combined projection surface of 200′ wide x 33′ high.

With aeronautics and space travel being a huge part of BCIT’s vision, we came up with a slogan that was very fitting for the event;

“No matter how far you dare to dream… it all starts here.”



The Challenges

There were many challenges to overcome for this project, ranging from the different focal lengths on the hanger doors, the structural bracing, the huge custom screen and installation and not forgetting working at 7k resolution for the animation – 6890 pixels x 1080 pixels.

Rather than using structural drawings for this one we decided to manually measure all the steel framework. The reason for this decision was that even though the steel construction was built to a drawing, it had to be welded together by hand, which meant the cross bracing may not match the drawing perfectly. This ensured we had a perfectly accurate map of the hanger doors to work with. It also meant that when we laid the bracing map over the content and reprojected it, the content landed in between each of the braces, making the whole hanger door appear to be one giant LED panel with no content distortion.

The Results

The end result was an ultra wide projection experience that opened the anniversary celebrations in memorable style for the 1000+ BCIT guests and alumni. Contact Go2 Productions today to find out how we can make your next event ‘out of this world’ using projection mapping.

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"Forget the projection screen... let's use that entire wall!"

How to launch a mind blowing 50th anniversary campaign that’s unforgettable

We are very honoured to have sponsored and produced this prestigious 3D mapping show piece for Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia. Working closely with the Sue Porter, Associate Director of Ceremonies & Events at SFU, we created the concept and produced this 2 minute journey through the 3 main campuses in BC — Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey.

This activation earned Go2 a Gold DSE award (Digital Signage Expo), for outstanding content and creative execution.


The Challenge

During a site visit to the Wong Theatre at SFU’s Vancouver location, we were asked if we could create a video experience to appear on a screen hung in front of the theatre’s unique back wall. We took one look at the wall and said; “We should forget the screen, and map the entire wall.”

The Results

Using the back wall of their illustrious theatre as a surface, we transformed the block wall and three wooden columns into a hidden SFU brick room, an underground train station and the window of a flying craft that takes us on a journey from campus to campus. All ending with spectacular fireworks to celebrate the lead up to the 50th anniversary of SFU and the launch of their $250m fund raising campaign.

Go2 has been successfully producing high impact projection mapping content for surface mapping & big brand events for many years and are established leaders in the field of high impact content creation. Our production team spans all across North America with our full-service production studio in Vancouver and tech support teams New York, Houston and Los Angeles. Contact us now to discuss your next brand experience.

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Projection mapping an ultra-wide structure

Celebratory events are always a great reason to use projection mapping. Our 3D projection mapped content ensures they are engaging, high impact and memorable. This was our second projection mapping project with SFU.

SFU’s massive academic quadrangle, at the Burnaby campus, was the location for the celebration and Go2 filled one entire length of the building with an evening of audio visual entertainment. Each of the 144 windows we’re perfect for displaying historic photos from SFU’s incredibly engaging journey.

Go2 also filmed and edited the entire day’s events as part of the requirements. 


The Challenge

Working with such a wide structure that has so many intricate extrusions is a challenge for sure. That’s why each activation we do is custom designed to ensure the content we produce best suits the projection surface.

We used the architectural extrusions to our advantage in this case by producing content that made each surface appear to be self lit panels. This concept worked perfectly for the audio visual experience we had planned. We also used a total of 7 high powered projectors to ensure each crevice was saturated in colour with no shadows.


The Results

SFU’s feedback on the experience we created was incredible. It’s always a pleasure working with event organizers that trust your expertise and give you the freedom to create something uniquely amazing.

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“360º immersive environments”

January 18th – 19th, 2016. Go2 Productions created a unique 4D experience to showcase various tech industries in BC, for the #BCTechSummit event in Vancouver.

The 4D Portal experience featured 3x 20ft wide stereoscopic screens, fully animated stereoscopic environments with audio, a hydraulic entrance and vibrating floor, complete with interactive controls to allow guests to progress through the experience. The experience was designed specifically to showcase various BC tech innovations and industries in a unique, engaging and memorable way.

Go2’s extensive knowledge in stereoscopic content and PLC programming, made this the most engaging and talked about exhibit at the event, successfully moving 1500 people through the experience per day, easily accommodating between 10-15 people at a time to experience the 8 minutes of educational content.


The Challenge

Ground breaking activations like this always have challenges, from time and budget constraints to technical issues to overcome.  One of the big challenges for us was that we needed to create a custom cable that allowed our stereoscopic projectors to talk to the RealD control module. Before this event, these cables never existed. The cable needed to ‘fool’ the RealD controller into thinking there was an infrared emitter connected, in this case it wasn’t necessary as we switched the technology around to allow passive glasses to be used instead of active shutter. This meant a faster, more efficient throughput of people without the need to recharge any glasses.


The Result

The success of this installation was extremely rewarding for everyone involved. It was the largest install at the event and commented many times as being the most popular. Check out the hashtag #4DPortal on twitter to see all the comments.

As mentioned in the video, it is no longer enough to have a booth and table filled with printed brochures, experiential activations such as this are now the level of engagement that people have come to expect at events.

Contact Go2Productions today to find out how we can make your brand activations way more engaging and immersive.

Thank you to VER for providing the projectors for this experience and also to GeoSim – Advanced 3D City Mapping for the street scene data.

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A wicked walkthrough experience

Vancouver, Oct 2020

Fusing art and technology for an immersive and touch-free exhibit, Shattered at the Beaumont raised the spectre of Halloween fun with a multitude of lights, lasers, 3D installations and soundscapes, as well as cutting-edge electronic illusions and timeless stage tricks. The exhibit thrilled both the young and young-at-heart as they made their way through 10,000 square feet of The Beaumont’s labyrinthine hallways, stairways, studios and courtyard.


The Results

A co-production between our team, The Beaumont, Innovation Lighting and dozens of Vancouver-based artists, Shattered at the Beaumont had stringent COVID protocols including a mask requirement, hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed and staggered entry for pods of up to 6 people within the same social bubble.

Shattered received rave reviews during its three-week run and was sold out every single night. The exhibit saw over 6500 attendees, many whom were visiting the Beaumont studios for the very first time.

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Creating a Unique New Universe for Dewalt

Dewalt’s vision is for a world with cordless job sites and for their latest launch of tools that speak to each other via Bluetooth, they wanted to produce an experience that attendees would not soon forget. Go2 created an exciting, dynamic opening video projected onto an 85-ft screen to welcome attendees to the Dewalt Universe, where smart, wireless power tools are the norm.



Dewalt had never produced a projection mapping event like this before and wanted to showcase their new tools in a unique way beyond demonstrating them in trade show environment. We decided to put together a piece that would show off all the new features of the product launch and what that would look like in a Dewalt Universe. With an energetic soundtrack and an 85-ft screen, the event was a huge success and got Dewalt a lot of buzz for their latest launch.

Our award-winning creative team have produced so many successful events that we have it down to an art. We can create a show package that transforms your event into a high impact, memorable and extremely professional experience.

Our high impact opening sequences command attention with powerful custom music scores and Hollywood style sound effects that immerse your audience in style. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your next event.

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A 100-foot wide projection mapping experience for an unforgettable launch

When ISUZU wanted to launch their new mid-sized class 6 truck in San Antonio, Texas, they really went all out. Over the course of three days, they had almost 1000 dealer attendees from all over the US and Canada. The event allowed for close inspection and driving of the trucks, which were present on site with various back-end configurations. A huge ‘cowboy hats for all’ party and gala brought everyone together for networking and entertainment and certainly set the spirits high.

The opening event was a 100-foot wide keynote presentation with a projection mapped experience involving the cab of the ISUZU FTR truck itself. Go2 created the projection mapping experience and provided a fully branded, screen-wide animation package that allowed the entire keynote presentation to flow seamlessly.

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Event Visual Packages

We’ve produced so many shows of this nature that we have designed a complete package to include a projection mapped element, show opener/closer, graphics for all print and banner needs and a whole range of supporting brand animations throughout the days/evenings presentation, for any size and combination of screens.

Attendees of the ISUZU FTR launch event were blown away by the projection mapped presentation, audio production and the entire event as a whole. An extremely memorable event for sure. Contact Go2 to chat with one of our event producers to find out how we can make your next event more memorable.

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The Sleeping Prince

Projection Mapping An Entire Castle For Tilting Points’ Hit iOS Game “The Sleeping Prince”

When Tilting Point initially approached us to conceptualize and produce a castle projection mapping experience to promote and launch their new touch based game – “The Sleeping Prince”, we wanted to make it extra special.

This projection mapping experience was to be used as a prelude to launch the game, describing the story line of how the entire kingdom was put under the big sleep spell, cast by the evil wizard “Sidney Slime”.


The Challenge

In keeping with the theme of the game, Tilting Point’s Vice President of Marketing – Tom Bass, requested that this entire piece be mapped on to an actual castle. After presenting a few different options to the client we unanimously settled on the incredibly beautiful Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown New York.  Our team meticulously measured every detail of the castle and modelled the entire south east face in 3D to ensure perfect accuracy. Surrounding trees and grounds features were even brought in to the layout so that we could install additional atmospheric lighting for greater effect during event night.  Written concept and storyboarding took us around one week to complete and sign off, after which we began working with the actual game assets to create the characters for the animation; The Sleeping Prince, The King and Queen, Sidney Slime and a whole wrath of other evil characters needed texturing, rigging and animating.

Watch the onsite news report here.

The Results

This incredible projection mapping project earned over 800,000 Youtube views and massive media coverage in just four weeks.

A huge amount of animation details were put into transforming the exterior of Lyndhurst castle into both a truly magical looking fairytale version of itself along with a completely evil version of itself when Sidney Slime makes his appearance, complete with 100ft tall banners hanging and blowing in the breeze, dozens of lit flame torches dotted around it’s exterior, 8ft high knights in shining armour, giant spiders crawling over the surface and huge ogres smashing through the walls and throwing chunks of castle to name but a few.

Our technical team calculated a total of 8 HD projection zones were required to span the entire face of the castle using 20k projectors. Giving the isolated location of the castle and the fact there was zero ambient light interfering with the surface, 20k projectors were ample and the whole castle was lit up beautifully.


Unique content development for a unique brand experience

High Impact Projection Mapping Content Production

We had the great pleasure to produce content for two amazing 3D projection mapping projects for Hyundai. This was the second one – based on an idea simply called DJ.

The location of this projection event was on the infamous Clock Tower located at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. Atop the adjacent building was the incredibly talented DJ, Porter Robinson, spinning tunes for the duration of the event which included one of his latest dub step tracks called Unison (the tune we used to build the animation to).


The Challenge

We were given the challenge of designing and building projection mapping content, that helped transform the iconic clock tower into simulated DJ turntables and futuristic graphic equalizers, all incorporating the Hyundai Veloster.

The Results

We began by designing the look and feel of the massive 3D animated DJ interface that was to be projected. The idea was to have giant DJ hands interacting with the futuristic looking interface, all growing and evolving from the Hyundai Veloster, which was to be the central focus of the animation.

The high impact 3D animation & visual effects for this one took our artists a total of 5 weeks to produce and went without a single hitch.

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Canada Olympic Excellence Day

Revealing the Olympic Rings

A visual spectacle of Olympic proportions.

July 8th 2015, Canada Olympic Excellence Day celebration in Montreal, had five major facets; the World Sport Luncheon featuring IOC President, Thomas Bach, as keynote speaker, the inauguration of the educational and high-tech Lausanne conference room, a peek at the immersive Olympic Experience (a next-level sports science and technology centre), artistic performances in Canadian Olympic House and, of course, an 18-minute projection mapping experience leading up to the unveiling of the Olympic rings on the roof of the COC headquarters.

Go2 was commissioned to handle the design and development of all 18 minutes of high impact content for this 23 story high Olympic Rings reveal.


The Challenge

It was an honor and privilege to work on this project. The countless creative and management meetings, in the end, were all worth it. The client and audience were blown away by the final result–from the larger-than-life animation to the original scored music and fx.
The COC and IOC members were overwhelmed and ecstatic with their choice in Go2 to produce this project.
Contact us today to make sure your brand launch is extraordinary too.

The Results

Rendering 18 minutes of content at 5x HD vertical resolution takes a lot of CPU power and organization. All five acts that we developed for this were meticulously checked by our team to ensure every frame of animation was correct. We also built a custom 24 node farm over a gigabit network to enable us to handle all the 3D render passes.


New pre-game spectacular to excite fans before puck drop

About The Canucks
An NHL game opening experience like no other!

High impact projection mapping and powerful audio design was developed to create an unforgettably unique game opener for the Vancouver Canucks.  This same technique can be applied to NBA basketball arenas too.


The Challenge

The Canucks approached Go2 to conceive and produce a one of a kind West Coast themed arena wide projection mapping experience.

As members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL), the Canucks play their home games at Rogers Arena in front of 18,860 hockey-crazed fans.

The Results

High impact projection mapping and powerful audio design was developed to create an unforgettably unique game opener for the Vancouver Canucks.  This same technique can be applied to NBA basketball arenas too.

A truly unique arena wide experience was created by Go2, making use of not just the ice surface, we also took control of the 360º LED strip, the jumbotron screens and 4 huge vertical banners that hang on each corner of the ice. We even synced the LED stanchions to compliment hit points in the animated sequences.

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3D projection mapping delivers a fully immersive experience

Seagate’s CES experience required a very creative tech solution

Seagate had recently undergone a re-branding and they wanted Go2 to communicate this new message in a uniquely powerful and engaging way during the internationally renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas.

A 40ft wide x 11ft high wall was to be the projection surface, the thing is… we only had a 16ft hallway to fit everything into and we still needed a safe thoroughfare for the constant flow of people to enter and exit safely.



The Challenge

With a 40ft long x 11ft high foyer entrance into the Seagate experience and a width of just 16ft, creating a custom built, seamless projection surface along the full length of the wall required a very creative solution.

Go2’s award winning tech team came up with an ultra-short throw, multiple projection solution, which meant we could cover the entire 40ft wide x 11ft high area, from a distance of just 4ft. Everything we designed was free standing and nothing touched the hotel foyer walls or ceiling.

Seagate’s audience was made up of invited press, industry analysts, new and existing customers and prospects–all who do not impress easily.

The Results

The Anthem Wall was all about delivering visual drama and impact. As visitors entered, they were instantly immersed in Seagate’s world – experiencing the brand in a manner that was truly unforgettable. The 3D projection mapping animation is now being repurposed by Seagate for other mediums and audiences.

The shear impact this had on people when they entered the hotel foyer was huge. People literally stopped in their tracks to watch the whole thing from start to finish, with many people trying to capture the whole thing on their smart phones. It also turned out to be a great impromptu “selfie station” for many guests of Seagate.


Projection mapping the inside of an aircraft hanger

A brand re-launch of epic proportions

Southwest Employees were called to Southwest Airlines Headquarters to witness a momentous unveiling effort told through a spectacular, larger-than-life video projection for a brand relaunch.

A big brand relaunch should be something memorable. Go2 specializes in creating that memorable moment that people feel compelled to share. Within the first hour of this event SWA reported that out of their 46,000 employees 26,000 of them had watched the streaming video online and shared it. If each person is estimated to have around a 750 people reach in their own network, that means this event reached over 18 million people in the the first hour alone. That’s ROI at the speed of “LIKE”.


The Challenge

Southwest Airlines’ creative brief was simple – “We want this to be the most epic thing we have ever done”.

Go2′s creative team spent 6 weeks working on the high impact animated content and incredible audio track that was played at rock concert level.

Multiple 35,000 lumen projectors, state of the art proprietary mapping software, and concert quality sound was used to bring Hangar 5 to life with a 3D projection experience that covered more than 13,000 square feet. More than 4,000 people were in attendance to witness the world’s first immersive 3D/4D projection experience in the interior of an airplane hangar.

“Mine and my clients’ expectations were met and exceeded – so much so that when the opportunity arose to reveal a new state branded plane – Southwest Airlines specifically requested Go2 Productions to create that experience as well, and a second unique unveiling was realized.  Overall, we were very happy with the uniqueness and quality of Go2Productions work and how dedicated their team is at making the clients’ vision a reality.”

 Eve, Eversion Media



Taking art off gallery walls and bringing it to a larger audience

Façade Festival is an annual public art initiative and projection mapping festival organized by the Burrard Arts Foundation in Vancouver. The festival aims at creating more opportunities for people to experience art – without having to step into an art gallery. Ten artists were chosen to participate in this year’s festival and they used a variety of styles and mediums for their individual presentations; each of them unique in their tone and voice. Go2 was honoured to be on board as the technical partner for the second year in a row.

Our team mentored each of the artists, making sure their final presentations fit the iconic structure of the art gallery to a tee.  We also tested all of their work on our in-house 8ft 3D model of the art gallery so there would be no surprises on the final day.

Go2 won a 2017 Canadian Special Events Regional Award for our work on this project.


The Result

The festival ran for seven days, with projections starting at 8pm and going till 11.30pm each night. Our team presented an original finale titled, Contradistinction. Using contrasting 2D and 3D graphics, precisely-mapped manipulations, and depth illusions, we were able to transform the art gallery into a playground of light and kaleidoscopic movements. Playing with the building’s structural outline, our team of constraint-breakers pushed the limits of digital art, technology and soundscape for a mind-melting spectacle of cross-genre artistic expression.

This year, Façade Festival drew an approximate crowd of 40,000 attendees and the gorgeous artwork was widely shared on all forms of social media. We were so thrilled to be a part of an art initiative of this size in our home city, Vancouver and we look forward to #facadefest 2018.

Social Media Stats
Facebook reach: 67,445
Twitter reach: 114,158
Instagram reach: 498,207





Transforming the Masonic Temple to bring Christmas to Hollywood Blvd

December 2, 2015 – January 01, 2016.  Go2 Productions worked closely with the JKL creative team to create a seasonally themed transformation of Hollywood Blvd’s Masonic Temple, home of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The projection content consisted of almost 20 minutes of original animation along with custom shot live action inserts.

6 high powered projectors were installed onto a 4th floor balcony, opposite the masonic temple for the entire five week period. Each evening from 5pm to midnight, a seasonal light show delighted the general public as they filled the streets leading up to Christmas and New Years Eve.


The Challenge

The main challenge on this project was overcoming the ambient light levels of Hollywood Blvd. Several giant LED screens adorn the boulevard in this particular strip, meaning the light level on the Masonic Temple is constantly bright. We spec’d 6 high powered projectors to cover the building as one zone to overcome this. This meant that the alignment of the content had to be spot on each night to ensure a sharp and crisp video image.


The Results


People gathered on the blvd each evening to watch the festive animations unfold. New content was tweaked and deployed each week to ensure a fresh, ever evolving series of animations through out the month of December.

Both Twitter and Instagram received posts from passers by throughout the Christmas period using the hashtag #Kimmel.

Contact Go2Productions today to find out how we can make your projection mapping activations way more engaging and immersive.


A Projection of Greatness

Go2 Productions was brought in to handle the technical solution/execution and content production for the ‘never been done before’ mountain-wide projection mapping, for the Audi Q7 TV commercial – A Projection of Greatness. The entire shoot was spread over 4 nights, at Fortress Mountain in the Rockies, 7500ft above sea level in -25º temperatures, pushing both technology and personal limits to the maximum.

The result is a truly unique TV commercial, where all the visual effects were caught in camera – happening live on site using multiple projection rigs and techniques, with no post production visual effects being added to the commercial.


The Project

The concept – A Projection of Greatness – was the whole driving force behind the making of this commercial. All the visual effects needed to be planned out in our studio and tested in similar conditions to the shoot location first, to ensure we could complete the shots as planned and capture all the visual effects in camera using projection mapping techniques, with no visual effects being added in post production. 

Working closely with Zulu Alpha Kilo, Audi’s creative agency, we began by creating a series of test sequences that we took to Whistler BC in January 2016, for projection tests and planning.  Based on the results, we went back to our studio and started designing and animating the 16 animated plates required for the commercial.

3D projection mapping works best when you take into consideration audience perspective – we knew that if we placed the cameras in specific locations during the shoot, we could actually make the projected Audi appear to have volume, making it appear to be a real Audi Q7 made of light. Special high ISO cameras with an ISO of more than 450,000 were used to shoot the commercial in the dead of night, making the projections really pop.

For some of the shots, we had projectors synced over several hundreds of meters to ensure we made the car appear to drive up the side of a mountain, while others required our projectors to be mounted on a truck while we shot the projected Audi Q7 merging with the real Audi Q7.

The actual shoot, high up on the summit of Fortress Mountain in Alberta, was a very packed 4-night schedule, in -25º temperatures with a snow storm thrown in for good measure. We encourage you to watch the behind the scenes video to see how we made it happen.

The completed commercial – A Projection of Greatness, is featured in Strategy Online & SHOOT Publicity Wire.


“It’s Bigger On The Inside!”

MIRAGE is an incredible 360º immersive audiovisual experience.  The projected content takes you on a journey of colourful 3D illusions and expansive transformations.  The mirrored floor and ceiling create an all-encompassing infinity effect that greatly amplifies the visual experience.

For this project, Go2 Productions worked very closely with BOLD Event Creative, who originally came up with the concept and also engineered and built the structure.  The collaboration between the two teams was extremely positive from start to finish, with both teams passionate and dedicated to making this a truly unique experience. Go2 was responsible for developing the technology solution and designing and producing the projected content and soundscape. A perfect partnership.

Go2 won a 2016 EVENTtech Experience Design and Technology Award and a 2018 APEX Award by DSE for this installation.


The Challenge

There were a couple of notable challenges to overcome with this project, both on the creative side and technical side.

The creative challenge was to design an experience that appealed to all ages ranging from the very young to the very old.  To overcome this we designed the experience around colour, geometry and depth perception.  The experience starts out simple, showing a grid of white dots on a black background on just one wall, that calmly shrink and grow with the audio track.  The dots then compress into flat lines and expand outwards to fill the entire room with stripes.  As the stripes meet opposite, the walls appear to push outwards, giving the illusion the room expanding outwards.  With this new perceived space, we began playing with distance, geometric transformations, rotations, lighting and texture effects giving the sensation of being in a much larger room.  The final effect is incredible.

The biggest technical challenge was the placement of the ultra short throw projectors.  In normal use, they sit perpendicular to a projection surface and throw an image up perfectly square that is three feet above (or below) the projector.  We needed these projectors to be as close to the ceiling as possible and throw an image horizontally to cover the wall from floor to ceiling – This configuration was definitely not in the projectors’ manual.  To achieve this we found the perfect angle to tip the projectors was 8º.  This meant our projector positioning needed to be extremely precise.  This created a very acute trapezoid projection on the wall that became very tight on total surface coverage, but it did cover the entire wall as we planned.  Once we had coverage we warped the video image to fit each wall perfectly.

Lot's of positive social media activity using #MetMirage

The Results

MIRAGE is an art installation that is open for 7 weeks. Within the first few days of opening we already had over 1000 people per day going through the experience. By the end of the first week, the numbers were up to 1200 people per day, with hundreds of tweets and posts being uploaded to social media on  daily basis. This was all made possible via the web cam and iPad we installed as part of the experience.  Guests have also been filming their experience inside and posting the footage from their smartphones using apps like Periscope and Facebook LIVE.

Facebook reach: 76,657
#METMIRAGE hashtag was tweeted 3,079 times
#METMIRAGE hashtag posts received 3,124 comments and 70,736 likes on Instagram
109 videos shared on social media

To see what people are saying about their experience, log on to Twitter and search the hashtag #MetMirage.


Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party 2017

Bringing the magic to a Narnia-themed holiday party

The 2017 Holiday party by ILEA Vancouver, along with the BC Chapter of MPI and PCMA West Canada, saw the event industry’s top professionals gathering for a unique holiday celebration. The theme of the event was ‘Through the Wardrobe’, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia series and everything from the event branding to the food and the decor celebrating this magical theme.

Go2 created the content that was projected onto two 18ft high panels and one 16ft wide LED wall.  The majestic 16ft-tall roaring lion and elegant ice queen captured the essence of the theme and added drama and excitement to the backdrop for the event. We also provided our addictive touchscreen game for attendees to play with.


The Results

Projection mapping is perfect for celebratory events as our content is always entertaining, engaging and memorable. Attendees of the party were thrilled by the projection mapped panels and LED wall and stopped to take numerous pictures in front of them all night long. If you have a special occasion coming up, call us to find out how our striking environments can add the perfect ambience to your event with the creative use of visuals.

View the 3D motion graphics:


Reaching new heights with aerialists and synchronised digital projections

Genie Industries celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting its customers from all over the world for a festive gala at Seattle’s EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum and Go2 was on site to make sure the entertainment for the evening was spectacular.

The theme of the gala was an underground circus with aerialists and performers and keeping that in mind, Go2 built dynamic content for the massive 33 x 55 ft LED screen at the museum’s Sky Church venue using their state-of-the-art audio/visual system. Genie brought Go2 on to work closely with the aerialists, so we could create powerful content that would synchronise perfectly with their specific performances.




The Results

Our team had to be conscious of hotspots, colours, and focus points within the animation since we were going to have several of the performers hanging from the roof of the Sky Church hub in front of the LED screen. The show was structured over 5 hours, mixed with aerial and floor performances and Go2 also created a dynamic 3D branded logo animation in between the aerial performances to keep the audience engaged and excited for the next performance.

The result was an unforgettable evening with aerialist performances to synchronised projected content, drinks being poured by aerialists, acrobats in giant bubbles and the largest human marionette puppet in the world. A live feed was recorded by Go2 that streamed through the EMP system that played around the museum so between main performances, the audience would know if an act had just started and if they should head back to the Sky Church hub.

The combination of lively acrobatics, synchronised digital content and real-time audiovisuals all flawlessly performed made for a spectacular evening that raised the bar on corporate events.


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